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Chief Deputy District Attorney Brian Straebell would not comment on a motive in the case or any other aspect of it. Bratton, of Santa Rosa, had been booked Monday on a no-bail murder charge by Petaluma police in the death of Garcia, also from Santa Rosa. “We looked at all the evidence and evaluated it to see what we could prove beyond a reasonable doubt,” Staebell said. “(Voluntary manslaughter) is the charge we felt was appropriate.” Petaluma Police Lt. Tim Lyons also declined to provide details on what took place inside the Sauvignon Village apartment-style dorm Sunday just before 6 p.m. “The challenge for us is trying to get a straight story of what happened,” Lyons said. He said absent a court order, the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prohibits the university from providing police with not only the name of the female student who lived in the room where the fatal stabbing occurred, but any student. The privacy law even blocks police from obtaining records on past complaints about the SSU freshman without a subpoena or warrant, Lyons said. But SSU students who live in Sauvignon Village in the heavily freshman Alicante housing where the incident occurred provided details Wednesday of an area that has been a magnet for trouble since January.

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